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Post by Akadeanna Hawk on Sun Jul 03, 2016 6:17 pm

Saying Thank You Wolves_001-(1024x768)

Excuse Me, Friend, If This Is Not
A Poem About You
You Know As Much As I Do, Now
I Am Naught Without You.

No, This Is Something For All Those
Who're Helping Where They Can
Who've Suffered Enough Pain, God Knows
Yet - Help Their Fellow Man.

When My Heart Seems To Stop It's Pace
And Uncaring Seem Others
I Will Be Glad I Found This Place -
I Count You 'Mong My Brothers.

This Is For You, My Wolves, My Friends
You Have Shown Me A Way
You Showed That True Hope Never Ends
You've Shown Me How To Stay.

(C) 2007 Stefan Aka Zornfalke
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