Three Dragon Clutches (Hatching)

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Three Dragon Clutches (Hatching) Empty Three Dragon Clutches (Hatching)

Post by Akadeanna Hawk on Wed Jul 13, 2016 3:33 pm

On the Main Dragon Hatching Sands laid 6 Dragons, there was a Female Christmas Dragon and a Male Christmas Dragon; then there was a Gold Dragon and a Gold-Tinted Obsidian Dragon; and lastly there was a rather large Silver Dragon and what looked like a Platinum Gold Dragon, but he was a male Crater Dragon. That wasn't the most startling of the sight among the riders there was only 1 female among the 6 Riders the rest were males. Around the 6 Dragons was a very large clutch, all the eggs were very large in size, however what couldn't be told was if there was a Queen egg or 2 among the eggs as there was a mix of Christmas themed patterned Eggs and Gemstone looking Eggs instead.
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