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Post by Akadeanna Hawk on Tue Jul 05, 2016 10:56 pm

No one knows exactly how or why the mutations started to appear only that it started after 4 Eggs mysteriously disappeared one night 1 was a Dragon Egg 2 were Flitt Eggs, and the last was a Watch-Wher Egg. The Eggs were mysteriously returned as mysteriously as they had disappeared and when the Dragon Egg that had disappeared hatched the Dragonet looked like she was a very large blue, however as she moved and the light hit her hide at different angles shades of violet and reds were seen as well; she was very picky as she walked among the Candidates and ended up choosing a female Healer from the stands. The Flitt Eggs produced a Flitt that looked like it was covered in black fur and somewhat looked like a black feline so he ended up being dubbed a Black Cat and the second Flitt looked like she was wrapped in linen cloth and she bit anyone who tried to remove her cloth, not wanting to die. And lastly the Watch-Wher Egg was the last of the 4 Eggs stolen to hatch and it produced a Wherlet that looked like it was almost all foggy gray, however on the stumpy wings that the female Wherlet had they were as clear as glass dubbing her a Glass Wher.

The Tanzanite as the miners were calling the new Dragon rose at the normal age for a Golden Queen and more of the mutations started showing up even with the Father having been a strong Bronze, the Weyr had at least been pleased that she had at least produced a Gold, they thought maybe there was hope, but when that Gold Egg hatched the color that stepped forth wasn’t pure Gold she was a mix of White and Gold.

As more and more mutations started Hatching and mating, the Traditional Weyr’s started feeling threatened, then a Gold Queen chose a male Candidate. At that point the “Hide-Bound” Weyr’s had enough, rejecting Riders whose Dragons weren’t one of the 5 Traditional Colors and even more Riders like Wesley as the male Gold Rider was called; considering them freaks; however with major convincing  a Halloween Rider and his Skeleton Rider mate convinced the Weyr’s to let them have land to create their own Weyr.

With help of Autobots and supporters of the Mutation Riders and those like Wesley as well as help from a race called the Maquis, Halloween Weyr was built. Earth having been rediscovered around the same time as well and many started coming to Pern from Earth and Halloween City was developed close to Halloween Weyr.

The majority of the Traditional Weyr’s expected that Halloween Weyr would search Candidates as young as 12 turns and have a cap like 25 turns, but Helios and Sephiro the two Weyrleader's of Halloween Weyr weren’t Traditionalists putting the minimum age to be searched at 5 turns from Pernese areas or if from Halloween City it would be 5 years; but on the opposite end the two men refused to put a maximum age cap.

Both men made the point that no Mutation Rider and his or her Dragon would be turned away and Riders like Wesley would be considered regular Riders not freaks; Wesley applied as well for their Weyrlingmaster position and he was accepted.

Now with 2 Dragon clutches on the Sands the call for Candidates goes out especially with Threadfall looming over Pern; so there are many Dragons to defend the planet even if they are Mutation Riders; no one knows if there is a Gold or a Queen Egg in either Dragon clutch on the Sands as all the Eggs are the same size.

As time has passed since the first Mutation Dragon hatched rumors have recently started flying that a Decepticon Seeker named Starscream had snuck onto the Sands the night that the 4 Eggs had been stolen and had taken the Eggs and done experiments on the Eggs causing the mutations to be born, but no one is for certain nor can it be proven.

Some also were angry as the Weyrleader's only accepted one Pern Healer to their Weyr to work; except for apprentices; learning that the Weyr was getting Healers from other planets and that their one Pern Healer was going to the Earth areas to learn their healing styles.

Some Traditionalist Weyr’s fear the upcoming Threadfall not expecting that Halloween Weyr and their Riders would be able to rise up and fight with the Traditionalist Weyr’s and many scoffed hearing that there was no sign of a Queen Egg among the current 2 Dragon clutches that Halloween Weyr has on the Sands.
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