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Post by Akadeanna Hawk on Tue Jul 05, 2016 2:33 pm

Rebirth/Reborn Dragons- These Dragons Are Born ANY Of The Colors Listed But A Dull Version Of It, But Are The Unfortunate Victim Of Spontaneous Dragon or Flitt Combustion Meaning Normally When They Hatch They Are Completely Engulfed In Flames And If They Survive They Come Out The Same Dragon They Were Born As, But The Normal Coloring Of It. They are called rebirth dragons when they hatch; but they become reborn dragons after the flames go away.

Credit for the name goes to [a href=""]Nomi[/a] and [a href=""]Haruka[/a] of [a href=""]Sabishi Weyr[/a]

Shattered Dragon: Ok, Kinda Of Like The Rebirth/Reborn Dragons In That It Can Be Any Color, But Their Hide Has Lines All Over It Like Broken Glass However Unlike Rebirth/Reborn Dragons They Don’t Go Up In Flames When They Hatch Their Form Seems To Shatter And Then When Their New Form Appears The Lines Are There That Look Like Broken Glass. Shattered Dragons Chase/Fly/Clutch Like Their Normal Color Except The Eggs Have Natural Lines In Them

Albino Dragons- These Dragons Can Be Any Of The Above Colors EXCEPT One Small Difference They Are Born Pure White With A Tinting Of Their Normal Color And Pink Eyes. They Will Act And Impress Like Their Regular Color Of Their Dragons.

Color Name: Multi-Colored Twin Dragons
Rank: Any
Gender: Any
Size & Wingspan: Varies Depending On What The Dragons Colors Are
Sexual Preference: No Preference
Frozen Ember Stone/Clutching/Chasing: This Depends On The Color Of The Dragons

Description: This Also Depends On The Color Of The Dragons

Personality: The personality that they pick usually fits the 2 Dragon colors that the twins are

Other Info: Multi-Colored Twin Dragons Are 2 Dragons That Hatch From The Same Egg Sometimes They Are The Same Color Like 2 Red Wine Dragons Or 2 Separate Colors Like A Gold And A White Dragon
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