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Post by Akadeanna Hawk on Sun Jul 03, 2016 8:25 pm

Zelki Information 196Espeon_BW_anime - Example of a Lavender Zelki

Zelki Are Creations Of Akila [email= kkcrowfamily@yahoo.com] kkcrowfamily@yahoo.com[/email] And Dana Phantom Is Credited To Making The Oranges, Calico, And Mint.

Zelki Are Like The House Cats Of Pern. They Resemble Cats Fully, Except The Fact Their Tails Are Split At The End And Their Ears Are Much Larger, And They Have A Small Gem In Their Forehead.  They Impress Similar To Flitts, Where They Will Go With Whoever Feeds Them, But There Is One Thing You Must Do. You Must Also Give Them A Ring With A Precious Gemstone, Semi-Precious Gemstone, Or Just A Pretty Stone, And Put It Somewhere, Such As Tail, Legs, And Larger Ones Can Be Used As Collars. Simple Enough? (For Those Who Know Pokémon They Are Based Off Espeon).

Another Similarity They Have To Flitts Is The Fact That They Can Speak To Certain People With Their Minds. People Who Can Hear Them Are Called Zelki Listeners Or Zl. Those Who Can Speak To Them Are Zelki Speakers Or Zs. Along With The Speaking Ability Comes With Some Slight Psychic Powers. This Make Them Very Useful In  Thread Wings, As Sometimes They Can Predict When And Where The Next Wave Of Thread Will Fall. They Do Have Telekinetic Power, But It’s Minor, Like Small Objects, Nothing Larger Than Themselves. They Are Just Like Human Psychics, They Can Sometimes See The Future Or The Past, And Can Sometimes Communicate With The Dead, Etc.

Female Zelki, Upon Going Into Heat, Go To The Birthing Grounds And Find A Secluded Area. There Is Where They Wait Until Any Male Comes. The Males Must Do Something To Show The Female He Is Worthy Of Being Her Mate, And Many Fights Tend To Break Out. When It Is Time To Birth, The Female Returns To The Birthing Grounds, Or A Secluded Place In The Weyr (Often A Dark Corner Of Their Owner’s Quarters), And Give Birth To Young That Are Ready To Impress.

Lavender (Queen) Are The Largest Of Them All. They Are Wise, Leader-Like, And Very Curious. They Also Have A Dark Side. Make Them Angry And You’ll Have An Enemy For Life. Their Coats Are Rich Lavender In Color, Ranging From A Pale Pastel Hue To Royal Violet. Their Gems Are Any Color, Usually Dark, But There Are A Few With Lightly Colored Gems. They Have Litters Of 10 To 20, Sometimes Ranging To 25, And Sometimes Even 30!

Silver (Queen) Are Quite Curious When First Born, Though As They Grow Older They Become Quite Intelligent And Leader-Like. Some Are Shyer Than Others. Their Coats Are A Grayish Color, But Their Paws Are White. Their Gem Ranges From Baby Blue To Deep Dark Purple. They Have Litters Of 5 To 15.

Black (King) Are Pitch Black. Their Gems Are Any Color, As Long As It Is Dark. They Are Mischievous And Sly, Though In A Good Way. They’re Curious At Birth And Keep Their Curiosity All Through Life. They’re Always Outgoing And Love To Be The Center Of Attention. They Normally Mate With Lavenders And Silvers

Gold (King) Have A Golden-Like Pelt, Normally With Speckles Of Some Of The Other Colors On It. They Have Gems Ranging From Light Yellow To Bright Red, With The Occasional Silver. They’ve Been Known For Their Daringness And Determination. Normally Mate With Silvers, Whites, And Browns.

White Are Pure White, Though Some Might Have Black On Their Ears And Paws. Their Gems Are Light Pastel Colors. They Are Shy, But Intelligent And Responsible.  They’re One Of The Rarest Colors Of The Zelki’s. Males Normally Mate With Browns, Calicos, Oranges, And Occasionally A Mint, But They Usually Think The Mints Are Too Low Of A Rank To Be Mated With. Females Have Litters Of 5 To 10.

Brown Have Varying Colors Of Coats; Most Are Either Light Brown, Medium Brown, Dark Brown, Or A Red-Brown. Their Gems Are Blues And Reds. They Are Quite Aggressive When They Become Older, Though When They Are Younger They’re As Cute As Can Be! ^.^ Males Normally Mate With Browns, Blacks, And Whites. Females Have Litters Of 3 To 7.

Calico These Zelki’s Are Very, Very Shy And Very, Very, Very Untrusting Of Humans Until You Show Them Love And Care. They Are Quite Small And Are Normally Squashed By Their Larger Siblings When They’re Younger. Their Hides Are White With A Light Brown/Tan Color And Black-Brown Patches. Their Gems Are Any Color. Males Normally Only Mate With Female Calicos, But Will Occasionally Mate An Orange Or Mint. Females Have Litters Of 3 To 7.

Orange Are One Of The Most Common Zelki. They’re Orange In Color, Rarely Straying To A Red-Orange Or Yellow-Orange. Their Gems Are Always White. They Are Outgoing And Funny, Not To Mention Somewhat Clumsy. They Tend To Make People Lave Even When They Don’t Mean To. Males Normally Mate With Calicos And Oranges, Sometimes A Mint. Females Have Litters Of 2 To 7.

Mint Are The Smallest Of The Zelki. They, Like Calico Zelki And White Dragons, Are Very Small, And Have Trouble Even Living Through Their First Day Of Life. When They Do, They Are The Most Trusting Of All The Zelki. They Are Like Canines, They Will Protect You From Harm And Will Risk Their Life For You. They Tend To Hold Grudges Against Someone Who Has Done Harm To Them Or Their Chosen. Their Pelts Are Usually A Light Mint Color. They Can Have Darker And Lighter Pelts, But They Don’t Get Anywhere As Dark As Forest Green, And Rarely Get Lighter Than A Light Mint Color. Their Gems Are Any Bright Color. Males Only Mate With Female Mints, Females Have Tiny Litters Of 1 To 5, And Their Litters Never Have Lavenders Or Silvers, Because Just The Size Of A Baby Queen Is Too Big For Them To Give Birth.
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