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Post by Akadeanna Hawk on Sun Jul 03, 2016 8:22 pm

Telx are creations of Akila (

Telx are strange, fox-like creatures. They resemble foxes completely, except the fact that they have two tails. Their tails are tipped in a light color, and they also have tufts of fur under their chins, which is the same color. Their fur shimmers in the sunlight, giving them a crystalline appearance, which has given them their color names.

Each Telx has a ring at the base of its tails that is one of two colors: gold or silver. If your Telx has a gold ring, it can breathe Fire. Telx with silver rings breathe the strange substance IceFire. If your Telx is lucky enough to have both rings, a rare trait, they can breathe both Fire and IceFire.

When a Female Telx is in heat, they make strange whistling sounds, which alerts the males. When any amount of males have flocked over to her, they have Flaming contests. The one who makes the largest flame, or does the fanciest flamework, gets to mate with the female.

((NOTE: Telx are creation of Akila and all information is copyrighted to her who can be reached at! Do not use without her permission! Also Co-Created by Dana Phantom, who can be reached at

Diamond (Queen)- Diamond Telx are the largest of the Telx. They are always female, and are considered the Sr. Queen. They usually have Silver rings, but occasionally gold, but getting a Diamond with a gold ring is rarer than getting a Diamond with both rings. Their pelts are so white, it's hard to look at them in direct sunlight, but usually they have a slight sky-bluish tint to them. Their tail tips and fur tufts are usually a creamy white, but some of the bluer ones have pure white accents. They have the largest litter, sizes ranging from 5-20.

Sapphire (King)- Sapphire Telx are the largest of the male Telx, and considered the Kings. They are usually Fire breathers, but it's not rare to find an IceFire breather. Their pelts are a deep shade of blue, never going lighter than a medium cerulean. Their tails and tufts are a light blue. These males usually mate with Diamonds, but will mate with any color, except Quartzes.

Amethyst (Queen)- Amethysts are the Jr. Queen of the Telx, and second smallest female. Their coats range from a deep royal purple to light lavender, and their accents are usually lavender. They usually are fire breathers, but it's almost as usual to find IceFire breathers. In other words, out of every twenty Amethyst Telx, eleven breathe fire, nine breathe IceFire. Their litters range from 5-17, usually staying under fifteen.

Topaz (King)- Topaz Telx are the second largest males, making them the Jr. Kings. Their pelts are yellow, sometimes with oranges mixed in. Their tufts are pure white. They don't seem to have a breathing preference, as there's usually the same amount of fire and IceFire breathers. They will mate with any other Telx, but rarely will a Diamond chose them.

Ruby- Rubies are the almost mediums of the Telx. Why they are almost medium is because they share the medium slot with Emeralds, but are usually larger. Their fur is usually a bright red, but some are paler, and some are a deep blood red. Their tails and tufts are pink, usually a pale shade. They are usually fire breathers. Males mate with all colors, but never a Diamonds, and rarely with Amethysts. It's usually with Emeralds. Females have litters never ranging over 14.

Emerald- Emeralds are the almost mediums. They share the medium slot with Rubies, but are usually smaller. Their pelts range from a deep forest green to a light mint color, their tails and tufts always a light mint. They usually breathe IceFire. Males mate with all colors, but never a Diamonds, and rarely with Amethysts. It's usually with Rubies. Females have litters ranging no more than fourteen.

Turquoise- Turquoises are the fourth smallest of the Telx. Their pelts are usually a beautiful Turquoise, some bluer, some greener. Their tails and tufts are silvery in color. They are usually Fire breathers. Males mate with any color that is not a queen. Females have litters of 3-10.

Chalcedony- Chalcedony are sometimes referred to as the mini queen, for multiple reasons. Their pelts are a pale baby blue, and very beautiful. Sometimes the color does get a little more like sky blue, so they look like mini Diamonds, hence the name Mini Queen. Also, their tails and tufts are pure white, sometimes a creamy white. They are also the rarest of the Telx. They are the third smallest Telx, and are IceFire breathers. Males mate with other Chalcedony, Quartzes, Onyxes, and if their lucky they will mate with Emeralds. Females have litters of 2-7.

Onyx- Onyxes are the second smallest of the Telx. Their coats are pure black, never varying. These are the only Telx who's tails and tufts don't have a different color than their main fur. Males mate with Chalcedonies, Onyxes, and Quartz. Females have litters of 2-5.

Quartz- Quartzes are the most varying of the Telx. Their pelts can be a milky white ((clear quartz)), pale pink ((rose quartz)), light grey ((Smokey quartz)), light yellowish color ((Rutilated Quartz)), black sparkling varying hues ((Titanium Quartz)), or sometimes with other pale hues in their fur. Their tails and tufts are always another type of Quartz color. Because of these variations, Quartz Telx are not the most wanted of the Telx. It is actually rather unknown why, their pelts are usually very beautiful, and this is the color that has and gives birth to the most Telx with a gold and silver tail ring. They are the smallest of them all, and usually get squished by their siblings. Males usually mate with other Quartzes, maybe an Onyx. Females have litters of 1-5, and usually most to all have a gold and silver tail ring.
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